Makerspace. Hackerspace. Fab Lab.

No matter what you call it, the Maker Movement buzz is everywhere and so are Makerspaces.  Makerspaces cultivate the imagination and provide a hands-on space to tinker, invent, and innovate. In the classroom, library, community center, or home, Makerspaces foster creativity, play, and problem-solving.

Lemonade Workshop believes:

  • The future is STEAMED. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Agriculture, Math, Entrepreneurship, and Design)
  • You don't need expensive tech devices to operate a successful Makerspace. Start with what's in your junk drawer. 
  • Makerspaces are whole family environments and curiosity is contagious.

Lemonade Workshop provides consultation for the following:

  • Makerspace Layout and Design
  • LEAN / Six Sigma Streamlining of Space and Workflow
  • Workshops and Curriculum
  • Marketing your Makerspace
  • Sourcing your Materials

Bring the Maker Movement into your School, Library, Community Center, or Home. Contact us today.

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