Where Did Lemonade Go?

Mr. Mike and I kicked off the summer break with appearances at Madison's 1st Annual Maker Faire, Madison Mom Blog's Hangin' with the Heroes event, and Edgewood College's Second Sundays at the Painted Forest in Valton, WI in June. We had such a blast taking Lemonade on the road with pop-up events and activities as you can see below.

Madison Mom Blog's Hanging with the Heroes event preceding a Madison Mallards game

Our glue-gun wielding daughter, Norah, showing how Frankentoys are made at Madison's First Annual Maker Faire

Automata maker table for the Second Sundays at the Painted Forest in Valton, WI in June

 Sticker making station for Reedikulus Day 2016

Sticker making station for Reedikulus Day 2016

When we closed the location at 46 E. Main back in April, we had anticipated reopening a Lemonade store-front in Reedsburg by the end of summer. However, life happens.

As Morticia Addams can summarize below:

Well, not right now, but soon. To simply state it: Due to the precarious timing of events, we will not reopen a new location.

What does this mean for Lemonade Workshop?

Makerspace & Art, Design, Engineering for Kids

The fire of the Maker Movement is alive and well at Lemonade. In hosting pop-up maker tables for a variety of venues, we found a niche we'd like to explore more. We see the best potential for sustainable growth with this aspect of the business and will continue to develop it.

Something new for Lemonade: We will be testing the feasibility of hosting and facilitating a Design Squad Global Club in 2017 in place of Winter/Spring Workshops. This is a great opportunity for kids ages 10-13 to take on engineering activities and be partnered with another Design Squad Global Club from another country.

Bicycle Repair

Our efforts of hiring another bicycle repair mechanic proved unsuccessful. What Mike did do over the summer was test the feasibility of bike repair house calls for specific services. Mike still repairs bikes by appointment only.

General Store & Market

We would like to say that the market was more utilized in the community, but that was not the case. While we were very glad to have incorporated the market into our business model in August of 2015, we won't be actively developing this aspect.

Any additional development of a General Store by Lemonade will be relegated to a seasonal pop-up or online only business model in the future.

We want to express heartfelt gratitude to you, our patrons and supporters!

 Mike, me, and half of the earth-side Lemonade Gang.

Mike, me, and half of the earth-side Lemonade Gang.